Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Day 8-Playing Catch up!

Days 4 and 5
Day 4, Dior Makeup event at Nordstrom. So fun!
Days 6 and 7
Playing catch up on the blog today. The past few days have flown by. I have been keeping busy, and that is helping me get through this unemployment limbo that we are going through right now. Other than not knowing where our next paycheck is coming from, blessings abound. I made a new friend, I got invited to Dior's makeup event at Nordstrom, I've been given rides anywhere I need to go, I was given a Sephora gift card by a sweet friend for completing my yearlong fast, and my friends have consistently been bringing support and prayer. Even more so than the past year of my shop fast, this time is allowing my husband and I to learn to find the good in everything. I even had the opportunity to go to the beach yesterday, in the dress of coarse. Eucharisteo, the list continues: 

1000 Gifts
281. Reading in the middle of the afternoon
282. Warm blankets on cold toes
283. Sending a care package
284. Drive through windows
285. Grandparents that babysit
286. School shopping
287. Lunch dates with my daughter
288. Gelato
289. Truffle fries
290. Freshly painted patios
291. Manicures
292. Sign Language
293. Heavenly voices
294. Testimonies
295. Tater Tots
296. New friends
297. Seeing Jesus in a friend
298. Fluffy pillows
299. Pencils
300. Group prayer
301. Theme songs
302. Grace
303. Reunions
304. Tender hearts
305. Tee Ball
306. Pumpkin Spice
307. Food in the freezer
308. Freshly mowed grass
309. Annual traditions
310. October Dress Project
311. Coconut oil
312. Rides from friends
313. Having on car
314. Grilled Cheese
315. Haircuts
316. Painted toenails
317. Sitting rooms
318. Homemade pie crusts
319. Sleep
320. Humility
321. Redirection
322. Budgets
323. Savings accounts
324. Cushions on chairs
325. Electricity
326. Back yards

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