Monday, June 03, 2013

The Flip Flop Fail

My sliver Havaianas. My go-to pair of flops for just about every occasion. We have traveled miles together.....until yesterday.

Yes my friends, I blew out my flip flop......and nearly blew my shop fast in the process. 

After my over dramatic "OH NO" my husband says, "Why are you so upset? You can find those anywhere." Maybe so....but I am not shopping right now. Well, we leave for our annual trip to Vero Beach on Friday. How in the world will I make the trip without my favorite pair of flops? By the way, this is sounding sillier by the minute as I type this out. Am I really this attached to a pair of rubber flops?

So, I am going to get really honest now. Within minutes, I had logged on to I had the pair pulled up and placed them in my shopping cart, all the while justifying the shipping, they could be a summer gift from Michael, I have spending money in my Dave Ramsey envelope, etc. The moment that I hovered over the checkout button, something stopped me.

Am I REALLY going to break my shop fast for a pair of flip flops???

Well,  I avoided the checkout and walked away from the MacBook. This morning I sat and thought about the free pair of Tory Burch flops, that I was recently able to purchase with a gift card they sent me. God provided, and here I was again wanting more. Lesson learned, and I will be headed to the beach with my other 20 pairs. ;)

I think its important to share my struggles along with my victories, so this post had to happen. And as I toss my sliver slims in the garbage, I pick my self up....and shop fast on!

P.S. In the event that wonderful people of Havaianas stumble across this post, I am a size 39 if you wish to gift them :) 

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