Monday, June 17, 2013

How Many "Likes" Does it Take?

During church yesterday, our pastor mentioned how social media is effecting our youth in more ways than just through cat fights, and online bullying. He spoke of how young girls are placing their value in how many "likes" they receive on a post or photo. Some will even go so far as to remove more clothes to get more "likes". So I began to think, is it just our youth? Or are we as adults struggling with this as well on some level or another?

Just how many "likes" does it take to make us feel liked....or better yet, loved? 

I will be the first to admit my guilt in this area. I monitor social media accounts for work on a daily basis. The key is MORE likes, MORE fans, MORE comments. The more the better. It becomes overwhelming at times, and it's a huge amount of pressure to keep people "liking" my clients pages, posts, pictures, etc. I will also confess to the occasional scrolling through the list of people who "liked" my personal post and thinking, only 20 of my 1108 friends "liked" this HUGE moment in my life??? Or not one comment or like from that "friend" ever? Not even one? Certainly I am not the only one who desires to feel validated and "liked".

After all, we are sharing our lives with each other on social media. Shouldn't we be sharing the "likes" as well? 

I also heard of something else recently that just blows my mind. Did you know that you can buy facebook friends to make yourself look more popular? Really? So my conclusion is YES. Our need for approval as adults is most definitely shared with our youth. *If you disagree, please comment on my blog post! Ha! 

To be even more transparent, sometimes I struggle with thoughts such as: why am I blogging? No one is reading it because they sure aren't "liking" the facebook page for my blog, or commenting on my posts! But then weeks, and in some cases months later, I run into someone who tells me how something I wrote inspired them, or spoke to them. That validation is so much more powerful and meaningful than a stupid "thumbs up" sign. And seriously, if we all took time to comment or "like" every post that we read we would never be off of social media....and the time spent ON is already out of control for most.

During my self evaluation yesterday, I found that I probably still care a little too much about what the world says. I shouldn't let how many "likes" I receive determine how loved I am. The gift of love comes from God for FREE. No specific number of "likes" required. The truth is, this blog isn't about pleasing or impressing anyone. This is a personal journey that I am documenting, and if the only person it reaches is myself then so be it. God is using this blog to shape and mold me, regardless of the number of "likes" or comments received. Perspective gained, and I'm thankful for that.

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