Tuesday, March 05, 2013


It's Tuesday, and getting my kids where they need to go this afternoon is going to be a logistical nightmare. One has his first T-ball game, one has her last soccer game of the season, and one has dance class. To top it off, each event is in a different neighboring city. As if it could get any more complicated. I really don't know what I would do with out the help of my parents, they are a huge blessing.

The topic at MOPs this morning was super timely. We talked about being intentional with our children, making time for devotions, and reading the bible together. In our busyness, our family finds time to be consistent with everything else but not this most important thing, time together in God's word daily. I know that He was speaking to me through MOPs today, saying the SAME thing he has been saying to me for four years now, "You are too busy!" I know some of it can't be avoided, with four children how can we not be busy? But there are some things that we could give up to make more time at home together. Time to start the weeding out process again, wish me luck! :)

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