Thursday, April 19, 2012

Runway or Runaway??

Sneak peak of my dress: Marshalls. Belt: Banana Republic

LOVED this Dress and her Loubi's

The super fabulous and super thin Neiman Marcus models :) 
Okay so I didn't run away. Well...maybe a little bit. I went on a cruise with 30 of my most fabulous friends. Upon my return, I have experienced vertigo...which has put a kink in my everyday plans. I did rally long enough to go to our local museum's fashion show featuring beautiful clothing from Neiman Marcus. In awe as usual, I found it hard not to drool as the models walked by. Mostly neutral tones, but fun pops of color here and there as well. Red bottom shoes made a special appearance and did not disappoint! I did miss the live band that typically plays, and the outdoor lounge area was such a nice touch in the past! I also prefer the pod style modeling in this type of environment so that you can ask questions about the clothes, designers, etc. BUT overall, I can't complain...once again, the labels came to little ol' Lakeland and that's good enough for me!

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