Thursday, May 05, 2011

Awkward and Awesome-Jelly Shoes, Who's With Me?

Top: Banana Republic, Khakis: Gap, Scarf: Loft, Belt: J. Crew, Ring: Nordstrom, Shoes: Target

My Pappy gave me this necklace, it was my Mum-Mum's

Love this! Nordstrom clearance find! 

My $5.00 Target flats! Love them! 
I saw jelly shoes in an ad recently and I am TOTALLY getting a pair! Talk about good memories. I remember my mother and I on a mission in the 80s frantically searching all of the Bealls stores for my size! What does that have to do with this post, absofreakinglutely nothing. No inspiration today, I just bought this scarf a few weeks ago on clearance at Loft and found it still in the bag on the floor of my closet. It was time for it to be worn, and it really jazzed up this boring tank and khakis! I hope everyone has a great Thursday!

The stomach virus that has invaded my house.
The fact that I want shoes that were in style I was 10.
The pounds I know that I have gained trying to get rid of this Easter candy.
The pile of mess in my closet.

The fact that everything comes back in style!
My $5.00 Target shoes that I can't stop talking about.
Finding new accessories buried underneath the pile in my closet.
Friends that have been pouring out love after the death of my Pappy.
This YouTube video I made for him.

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