Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Day 3-Dirty Hands and Sand in Toes

So far so good, I haven't even clicked on my twitter or facebook app on my iPhone! Yesterday was MOPS, Mothers of Preschoolers at my church. I just love this group! What a wonderful ministry for young mothers to meet and compare notes and confirm that we are all in the same crazy boat! Yesterday our bible study was on prayer and focused on the fact that it is communicating with God, not just asking him for things or complaining. I know I loose sight of that at times, that He really desires to be my friend!

God has really been showing me through these few days of the fast the value of time with my children and family! Today, I ran into a friend in the park while playing with my daughter and she was telling me that her brother just lost his 10 year old due to a serious illness and it happened out of the blue. I can't even imagine! She was telling me how this situation totally opened her eyes to just how short life is and how important her job was as Mom. She appreciates now more than ever every minute playing in the park with her little girl.

After seeing her I felt so selfish. I have been complaining for months about not working and how I feel so isolated here at home with my two babies. I haven't wanted to sacrifice my time or give up my work to be a better mom. In all reality, I should be celebrating this time instead of wishing it away! With that said, day 3 for me has been playful! Park, giggles, dirty hands, sand between the toes and ALL!

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