Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Meeting Sarah Jessica Parker

Our SJP "Meme"
The tweets
SJP herself, what a delight! Bonus: They didn't tackle me for taking a selfie.
Our beautiful new friend, SJP's sweet assistant. We love her!
My lovely cousin Katya, SO fun hanging in line with her!
Her mention of us on Instagram. 
My Carries, in love!

Square Pegs, Flight of the Navigator, Footloose, and Girls Just Want to Have Fun. I loved Sarah Jessica Parker way before she was Carrie Bradshaw. Carrie, was just the icing on the cake that is SJP.

A tad bit of Instagram stalking and a wild hair sent me on a mother daughter weekend with my 12 year old to Miami, on a mission to meet SJP during her whistle stop shoe signing tour. My friend at Nordstrom Aventura Mall tipped me off that she'd only be there one hour, so we'd better be early. I also knew if I wanted a chance to make a connection, I'd have to be creative. I decided to come up with a hashtag, #operationmeetsjp. I started documenting our trip from the start and what do you know, SJP responded to not one, but two of our tweets. She's a mom, and she loved it that we were doing this together. Fast friends we became. As she came down the escalator, her assistant pointed us out, she was looking for us! Social media allowed us the opportunity to skip introductions, and just be friends. I have the video to prove it. :)

I didn't have time to tell her a fraction of what I had to say. How I adore her as a mom and wife, how I respect her ability to balance career and family, what an an amazing example she sets for women and young girls, how I love that she puts the ones she loves the most first, and how much her fashion risks have inspired me over the years. I thanked her. For taking her time to do this, to make dreams come true for people like me who have adored her for so many years.

After our signing and selfie, we were interviewed by the local news station about our social media connection and then we headed off to hold up my the end of the bargain....taking my daughter shopping and to lunch. It really was a fantastic time. We waited about four and a half hours, but it was totally worth it. Nordstrom was super accommodating and took great care of us, we made so many new friends, and we had the chance to spend time with my sweet cousin Katya who actually moved to NYC from Russia years ago, after falling in love with Sex and the City.

The highlight of the trip was spending time with my family. We met up with my other cousin Milo one evening, and then spent our last day with my oldest son in Boca Raton. My daughter and I laughed, sang, and talked about all things girlie. We ate good, slept good, and played good. The weekend will go down as my best ever. So far anyway....no telling where my new purple Carrie's will take me. ;)

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