Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Christian Fashion Week

Sumita Bhojwani, LOVED these pants!

Julia Chew Finale

Julia Chew and her designs

A favorite by Julia Chew

Another favorite by Julia Chew

Saturday night I had the pleasure of representing Top Buttons at Christian Fashion Week. Top Buttons  is a nonprofit organization purposed to be a fashion resource with a modest twist for young women. They operate on three platforms. They have an online fashion magazine which can be found at www.topbuttons.org, they speak in large and small group settings where they encourage young women and challenge their thinking on the area of self image and self-expression through fashion, and lastly they take underprivileged young women on shopping sprees and help them with wardrobe makeovers.

The evening was an absolute delight! I met new friends, and saw some amazing designs. One of my favorites was an 18 year old designer, Julia Chew. This girl has got it going ON and I will not be surprised to see her lovely and creative designs in Neiman Marcus one day. The fashion show segments ran flawlessly, and I was super impressed with the coordination of this event. I wasn't sure quite what to expect, but it was fantastic and I am looking forward to seeing this event grow!

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