Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Something's New

Dress: Hive & Honey, Bag: Tinely Road Sandals: Kino

I don't know if you saw, or remember....but my husband gave me a Visa gift card for our anniversary. I chose to shop Piperlime's sale and this dress and bag are two of the items I selected. I almost made it a month hoarding the card. I resisted Target, Marshall's, and TJ Maxx! The dress is by Hive & Honey and was on clearance for $27.00, I love it. It is the perfect mix between pajamas and chic. I will be able to sport it in the winter with a jean jacket as well. The Tinley Road bag was a steal at $12.00. That gift card went miles, especially considering I am on a shop fast for two more months. Can you believe it? It has almost been a year. Aside from running shoes and a sports bra (which any runner knows are a necessity) I haven't made a purchase.

This year I have learned so much about my shopping habits. I have learned that just because a new dress makes me happy, doesn't mean I need one. I was always a clearance shopper, but I have also learned the love of thrifting, and my kids are enjoying my finds for them. I am looking forward to finding some treasures of my own in October.

For now, I am enjoying the little nuggets of goodness (the above outfit included) that I have been so blessed to receive throughout The 12X12 Project, learning more about our causes, and how I can help. Number one lesson learned: I don't need more, I need to give more.

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