Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Glorified Summer Camp Counselor

We have been doing a lot of this!!! 

My fishes swimming behind me. They have been in the water the entire month!
Our day at the Highlands Aquatic Center in Largo, FL. AWESOME!!!

The view from our bedroom balcony. This will be missed. :( 

Our 10 Year Anniversary Photo
Something I will miss the most, the kids greeting daddy! Not having the commute has been so nice!

Except for the small bit of work I do over the summer for Crescendo, I feel very blessed to have time off to spend with my kids. For the past month we have lived in Clearwater, FL to be closer to my husband's job. It has been beautiful, and wonderful in so many ways. BUT.....I have to confess I am exhausted!!!! There is so much to do and so many fabulous parks, city water parks, etc. I feel like a camp counselor. Whoever says being a stay at home mother isn't a real job, is clearly delusional.....or hasn't tried it. Every day the first words out of my 4, 5, and 12 year old are, "What are are we doing today?" I have broken up nearly 20 fights, dished out more snacks than I thought humanly possible, and helped solve a dozen arguments in the past 24 days. We really have been on the go, non-stop but it has gone by so fast and I can't believe this will be our last week here. 

My husband and I had one small break in between, celebrating our 10th anniversary in St. Petersburg. Absolute. Bliss. On top of the wonderful weekend away relaxing by the pool, being treated to a massage, and eating delicious food.....I was gifted a $100.00 visa gift card! This was on July 12th and I haven't spent it yet. One thing that I have learned during this yearlong shop fast is that when you get a treat such as a gift card, your hoard it. I promise to let you know the winning purchase when it happens. 

An update on the shop fast, I am still holding on. During this month away I have only been tempted by a beautiful vintage clutch at a thrift store, and a lovely maxi dress hanging on the clearance rack of a local surf shop. Sadness. BUT, the good news is I didn't cave. 

My favorite part of this month is the last picture above. My husband being home in time to eat with us every night, and the kids greeting him at the door. Man I have missed that one simple pleasure. It kinda makes shopping seem silly, when your eyes are opened to the true happiness in your life. The gift list continues: 

252. Vacations with the entire family
253. Water smooth as glass
254. Sunrise walks on soft sand
255. Smells of breakfast from local cafes
256. Pancakes and toppings
257. Delicious cupcakes with cute names
258. My daughter's freckles
259. Morning runs with boardwalk views
260. Family traditions
261. Donut runs
262. Carts full of groceries
263. A heart full of happy
264. Sand in my sandwhich
265. Shade of a tree
266. Fish
267. Beach rentals
268. Neighbors
269. Fireworks
270. Boat rides
271. Watching my children play with their daddy in the water. 
272. Sand toys
273. Bagel shops
274. Cakes cooling
275. Free Slurpees
276. Rooftop sunsets
277. Anniversaries
278. Greeting daddy at the door
279. Sailboat views form bedroom windows
280. Dry clothes from warm dryers

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