Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hayes Communications is going Crescendo!

After many months...and much thought, Crescendo-Public Relations Turned Up was born! We are very excited about our new look, but most of all the new venture! In life many adjustments have to be made. I made a huge adjustment three years ago with the birth of my 3rd child, followed a little too soon (for me...hee hee) by the fourth! Hayes Communications was put on the back burner so that I would have time for diapers, bottles, and bath times. This Fall the little ones will be going to preschool which opens up some time for me to work again! I thought what better way to make my comeback than with a new look and new energy! I am excited about this launch and look forward to where it will take me.

Being a full time mom has taught me so much. This season of my life has been trying and precious at the same time. I know there are situations that I could handle better, but I am doing my best and hanging on. Perfection is not an option in this game! Prayer is key! I am thankful for the opportunity to work again, and thankful for my family, the real reason I get out of bed everyday!

Splash page is up! www.prturnedup.com

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